This has to be the best interview I have seen of Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran. The disk jockey asks some genuine and important questions that really get Dr. Goiz to open up.


When I took this course Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran played this video to show how simple it can be to cure thy-neighbor with magnets and how these indigenous peope of Ecuador have learned the use of the Biomagnetic Pair to their benefit of healing one-another. Especially because the indigenous people of Ecuador do not have the financial means necessary for traditional medical attention.


This video demonstrates what two simple magnets accomplish. The Doctor takes a sample of blood and analyzes it under the microscope (projected on the TV screen for everyone to see), then has Doctor Isaac Goiz Duran treat her with Biomagnetism, and finally back to the same Doctor that took a sample of blood for an-after-treatment follow-up blood test. See for yourself!